Know what’s awesome? French. I love the buttery smooth sounds of the French language, and since you’re here, I’m going to guess you do too.

Think of this page as a hub for helping you learn and study French. I’ll be adding new resources, techniques, and articles to this page as I find things worth sharing.

As Mr. Tennant would say, allons-y!

Getting Ready

First thing’s first – these articles apply to every language, and will help prepare you for the challenges ahead. If you’ve already started learning your new language, maybe you’ll find something helpful in here anyway.

Essential Skills to Language Learning

How to Stay Motivated While Learning a Language

Making the Most of Your Language Class

Should You Learn More than One Language at Once?

Basic Resources

Dictionaries (Digital: WordReference | Physical: Collins Pocket) – WordReference is my go-to resource for all French vocabulary. In addition to giving you word translations, it also has example sentences and tons of phrases to help you make sure you’re using the right word in the right situation. If you need a physical dictionary for whatever reason, I recommend the Collins Pocket Dictionary for its extra sections on pronunciation and phrases.

Turn Your iPhone, iPad, or Mac into a Foreign Language Dictionary

Anki (review) – Anki is one of the best things I’ve come across for memorizing new words. It uses a psychological concept called spaced-repetition to make sure you study only what you need, so you can study less and remember more.

Getting Started with French

Duolingo (review) – Duolingo offers free French lessons through your web browser, iPhone, or Android device. It also has a huge curriculum to teach from, so there’s plenty to offer for French-learners of many levels.

MindSnacks (review) – MindSnacks is a great game-based app for iOS with 1,000 French words and phrases spread over 50 lessons. For the reasonable price of $4.99, it’s a must-have for learning French on the go.

Influent (review) – Influent is a language learning game on Steam meant to help you with everyday vocabulary words. The game takes place in an apartment, so all of the words you’ll learn are the kind of household things you see all the time. Can you name everything in your room? If not, Influent is a fun way to learn how.

Strengthening Your Language Skills

How to Accurately Learn New Words and Phrases

How to Boost Your Vocabulary with OVA – OVA is a technique I use to quickly increase my foreign-language vocabulary based on the words that matter to me. Use this technique to personalize your own learning and you’ll know tons of new words in no time!

Hack Your Hobbies for Everyday Language Immersion


Almost everyone loves music, but did you know that you can use Spotify and Tunewiki to improve your listening comprehension?

Even armed with that knowledge, though, finding music isn’t always easy. There’s…a lot of it. That’s why I created the Powlyglot French playlist on Spotify, with one song per artist to give you the best variety possible.

Subscribe to my playlist, and discover new music as I do. You might just find a new favorite artist.