I am absolutely thrilled that you want to learn Spanish – being my second language, I have a bit of a soft spot for it.

Think of this page as a living curriculum of sorts for learning Spanish. Basic tools, techniques, and resources to get you started and keep you going through fluency and beyond.

I’ll be adding new links regularly as I find things worth sharing with you – and since I’ll be spending a little time getting to know each resource before reviewing it, you can be sure you’ll only be getting the best.

Want to start Spanish? Start here.

First Thing’s First

Here are some basic language learning posts you’ll want to read before you delve into the wonderful world of Spanish – if you’ve already started, you might find something here to help you anyway.

Essential Skills to Language Learning

How to Stay Motivated While Learning a Language

Making the Most of Your Language Class

Should You Learn More than One Language at Once?

Basic Resources

Dictionaries (Digital: WordReference | Physical: Collins Pocket) – For general purposes, WordReference is a great resource for Spanish vocabulary. Not only does it have all the vocabulary you’d expect, it also has example sentences and tons of phrases to help you make sure you’re using the right word in the right situation. If you need a physical dictionary, I recommend the Collins Pocket Dictionary due to its helpful phrases and grammar sections.

Turn Your iPhone, iPad, or Mac into a Foreign Language Dictionary

Anki (review) – Anki is one of the best things I’ve come across for vocabulary retention. It uses spaced-repetition to make sure you study only what you need, so you can save time and still come out remembering more.

Getting Started with Spanish

Duolingo (review) – Duolingo is a free resource to help you learn Spanish vocabulary and grammar. It’s available for your web browser, iOS, and Android, and has a huge curriculum to teach you from.

MindSnacks (review) – MindSnacks is a game-based language app for iOS with 1,000 Spanish words and phrases spread over 50 lessons. For the reasonable price of $4.99, it’s definitely worth your time.

Influent (review) – Influent is a language learning game on Steam focused on teaching you household vocabulary – since these words surround you on a daily basis, the things you learn in Influent become useful as soon as you exit the game.

Strengthening Your Language Skills

How to Accurately Learn New Words and Phrases

How to Boost Your Vocabulary with OVA – OVA is a technique I came up with to drastically increase my foreign language vocabulary based on words I actually use. Apply it to your own learning and you’ll be able to say the words you need in Spanish in no time!

Hack Your Hobbies for Everyday Language Immersion


Of course you know all about how to use Spotify and Tunewiki to improve your listening comprehension, but where should you start?

Well, probably right about here. If you’re looking to find some new music to listen to in Spanish, take a moment to subscribe to the ever-growing Powlyglot Spanish playlist on Spotify.

Once you find someone you like, make sure to check out the rest of their music on Spotify or elsewhere! In time, I’m sure Spanish artists will start invading your favorites list like they have mine.